The last installment of the Guinness Records Day was carried out in November 2014. This event is yet another reminder that we are all connected as human beings through our weirdest behaviors and ideas. Thousands of people have flocked to the event from several corners of the world with the hope to secure a place in the renowned Guinness World Records Book. Last year’s event was the 10th one to be held and marked the 60th year of the Records book. The list below provides you with some of the weirdest records in the book.

  1. Fastest 100-meter run on all fours

Running on all fours might be complicated. Imagine having to run for 100 meters. This record was achieved in 15.86 seconds.

  1. The largest high-heeled shoe

Even though the shoe would be totally useless to anyone, it still is noteworthy that a shoe measuring almost 2 metres high has even been built.

  1. The farthest backwards basketball shot

You might have been lucky enough to strike a shot backwards and actually hit the basket. This record was shot from a distance of 25 metres.

  1. Greatest number of people throwing thongs (flip flops) at the same time

Who would that thought that throwing flip flops was a thing.

  1. The most people head banging at the same time

All the practice at heavy metal concerts might come handy sometimes. This record was achieved by Australian students who head banged to an AC/DC song. The number of students was 320 in total