People are always seeking for easier or simpler ways to carry out certain tasks. Everyday new ways are being found to reduce some of the chaos involved in daily life and to make things run more smoothly. This has given rise to life hacks. Some of them are unique while others are quite crazy and yet they contribute to solve everyday problems. Some of the hacks listed below might help you in specific situations.

Relieve Mosquito Bite Itch

A pesky factor about summer and the great outdoors is the presence of mosquitoes. Some insect repellents might also not be effective against them. A quick method to relieve the itch caused by a mosquito bite is by applying heat to the bitten spot. The bitten area can be thoroughly washed for 20 to 30 seconds under hot water to relieve the itch for an hour or so.

Flattering Selfie

The selfie has recently emerged as a trendy way to produce self-portraits. Photographers have devised the most effective way of taking a flattering selfie. This involves holding the camera slightly above the head. This especially applies to people seeking to hide their curves or double chins. While full-on photographs might be harder to trick, the selfie can be easily controlled.

Energy Hack – Butter for breakfast

Many people might not be convinced about consuming butter during any meal, not even for breakfast. However, a bio hacker has recently discovered that mixing butter with a cup of coffee makes the perfect cocktail to promote high energy and a feeling of satiety for a longer period. The butter would need to be made from grass-fed cows’ milk.