Lucy Lyle entrepreneur and founder of Perch, explains, “Remote work saves much more time than most employees think. In addition to saving you the trouble of a commute, it saves you the time it takes to go between meetings, and set up for work.” Lucy Lyle adds, “As a remote employee, you will also get to determine your work schedule. This leaves you more time to run errands, do activities with your family, exercise, and pursue hobbies.”

Remote work is here to stay. Some of the obvious benefits are the convenience of saving money on both transportation and work clothes. On making one’s schedule and being able to manage household commitments too.

This way of working reduces stress and boosts productivity, it promotes creativity, and with a good schedule in place with regular breaks it can refill your energy levels. When the staff is feeling good and relaxed in their work environment they perform better. An important skill that the remote team needs is to be self-disciplined and motivated. To be able to follow and keep to their set timeframes and meet their deadlines.

Remote working is here to stay and in that regard keeping a well-organized and neat home office is imperative to your success and job satisfaction. To ensure that you do not get distracted Lucy Lyle has suggested it is a good idea to keep extras on your desk to a minimum. Arrange your desk with trays and filing cabinets so everything has its place and can be accessed easily. For your overall health and well-being, it is important to eat regular meals and take breaks to stretch and rest your eyes from the screen.

With all these advantages it is no wonder more and more individuals are seeking remote work from all over the globe.