Summary: Buying a new sofa isn’t the easiest thing to do; especially when you want that perfect model that suits your preferred lifestyle.

So, you’re in the market for a new sofa after discarding that old, raggedy model that would look great if you had a retro-inspired home style.

But, as you already know, buying a new sofa can be a bit stressful. Shopping online from Website to Website and running from store to store isn’t just physically demanding, but it takes away valuable time from your day. You need to find one that’s not only the right size and style, but one that’s comfortable and suited for your lifestyle. Here are some tips on what you need to keep an eye out for while shopping.

Frame Quality

The frame determines how long the sofa will last without warping and losing its shape. The best types of frames are made from kiln-dried hardwood – which is both durable and strong. The cheaper woods like pine tend to be less resistant and can warp much more easily.

Check the Construction

Find out how the frame was built or take a look at one of the sample models that are cut in half and look at the joints. The construction of the sofa should ideally contain dowelled joints or be mortise and tenon – which leads to more resistance. Screws are also okay but try and avoid models that are stapled together. Also, be on the lookout for reinforcing blocks and they will help keep the shape of your sofa.

Fabric Options

There are numerous options to choose from when selecting a sofa cover so it’s highly dependent on the type of design you want. If you’re going with fabric, you’ll want to go with something that’s heavy and best suited for your lifestyle. For instance, if you have pets, a tightly woven fabric would be best, as it can combat a lot of stains and scratches.

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