articledom-novPacking for a winter vacation can be tricky, as you don’t want to pack too much or too little. Here is a usable packing list that will have you ready for your winter vacation.

Hats – Hats are a simple way to keep warm and retain heat within your body. Look for hats that cover your ears, partly or fully cover the back of your neck, have no flaps and are made of thin modern fabrics that will keep you warm.

Shoes – Don’t be afraid of the size or the weight of your shoes, as your shoes are a sure way of keeping you warm in cold weather. Look at a no-frills pair of boots that you can wear on the airplane, saving much-needed luggage space. Look for shoes with weatherproof – Gore-Tex fabrics and those that are light on laces. Choose a dark color that wouldn’t show mud stains or slush.

Gloves – Choose a pair of thin, light, breathable, waterproof gloves. When your gloves are breathable, you will be able to wear them across a wide range of temperatures.

Clothing – You should aim to dress in layers. Your routine should include a light long /short-sleeve shirt (or T-shirt), on top of a long-sleeve top, followed by a fleece sweater. Complete your layering with a light wind, waterproof jacket.