articledomSeasoned travelers will always buy travel-sized items when on the road. However, if you travel once a year, you may find that investing in such items is a waste of money. Therefore, here are some household items you can repurpose for travel.

Old prescription bottles – These bottles are ideal as they are transparent, have pop up lids and are often leak proof. Use them to fill your face wash, hair gel and lotion. You will notice that these bottles are also wide enough for you to scoop out product. Start with soaking the bottles to strip off the labels.

Eyeglass cases – Most often when you buy a new pair of eyeglasses, they will come with a new case. These are great to store your phone charger, mp3 player or items that are hard to locate like nail clippers, nail files, pens and flash drives.

Pill organizers – Taking full-size cosmetics can really mean you loose a lot of space. Your basic pill organizer is a godsend in this case. Just wash it and dry it clean and then fill the compartments with foundation, concealer, lipstick, and blush. Include a lip brush for easy application.

Rubber bands – Travel hangers are great because they have non-skid material that keeps clothes from slipping. But you can turn your regular hangers to travel ones, by just wrapping a few rubber bands around them.