If you still want to be friends with your family or friends when traveling, here are some smart tips that will help you enjoy your holiday when traveling with a big group.

Consider renting a house – Renting a house can mean that you can save money on your stay and enjoy more time together. If you are renting a house, decide on what groceries you will need in advance and ask everyone to chip in.

Head to a resort – Resorts are also a good option, as there are multiple activities for everyone to enjoy. Resorts will have kid’s clubs, live music, gyms and a pool, leaving everyone with lots to do during their stay.

Be democratic – When you’re traveling with a large group of people, ask everyone to write down one must-see activity and then vote on what activities will get done. Big groups can also split activities so that everyone gets to see what they want.

Don’t be ambitious – Limit big outings that have early starts if you are traveling with young kids as this will make it impossible to be on time. Look at including a few activities with lots of time to relax.

Plan to relax – Look at relaxing together and letting each person choose how they want to spend most of their day. Most people will appreciate time to sit and relax by the pool.

Plan – Plan ahead and reserve dinner tables, activities and a minivan well in advance for a large group.