If you are looking at restoring your outdoor furniture or investing in a new set of cushion covers, choosing your outdoor fabric is the first step to ensuring your cushions are suitable for its space. Here are some tips on how you should select your outdoor fabric.

Stress – It is important that your outdoor fabric is strong and that it can take the stress of being sat upon when it is wet or overly dry. Look for fabrics that are suitable for all weather types, so that your fabric will tear and damage less when exposed to extreme heat, cold or moisture.

Waterproof fabrics – If you are looking for a waterproof fabric consider vinyl or oilcloth as they come in many themes, styles, and colors.

Weave and dye – Woven acrylic fabrics are a good choice as they are fade resistant than printed acrylics or polyester. Woven acrylic fabrics get their color from the fibers that are dyed and then woven.

Water and mildew resistance – If your outdoor fabric receives a lot of water and moisture, it is best to use a water repellant fabric that is also mold and mildew resistant.

Fading – Over time as your cushions get exposed to the sun, they can fade. To reduce the appearance of fading choose pale lighter colors that will hold their color for longer.

Cleaning – Look at cleaning your cushion covers at least thrice a year to clean out stains and reduce odors.

Article by Wicker Paradise. Add some color, style, and warmth to your patio or backyard with some outdoor chair cushions.