If your sweating calories during your workout, but still not losing weight, most often your eating habits are to blame. If you are someone that rewards themselves with food after a long workout, here are some tips to help you stop overeating after your workout.

Work out right before a meal – Most people will be hungry after a workout, look at working out just before a meal, which will reduce your hunger and restore blood sugar levels.

Make your workout fun – For those who look at their workout as a chore, you may find yourself eating a lot more after a workout, just to make you feel better. To avoid this trap, choose an exercise that is fun but one that burns calories.

Pair protein and carbs – To avoid snacking, make sure your meals include protein as well as carbs. Pairing protein and carbs will make sure you stay full until your next meal. It also means that you will have more energy to complete your workouts.

Get some milk – Milk is an excellent source of protein, and it is easy to consume before or after a workout. Look at packing a 250ml- 500ml bottle of low-fat chocolate milk to help you stay full during your workout.

Stop eating out of habit – Make it a habit to only eat when you are hungry and not when you believe it is time to eat. To do this, get in tune with your body and learn your hunger responses.