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If you are planning on moving overseas to build a consulting business, you may want to consider the following areas before you make your big move.

Experience and qualifications – To be considered an expert in a specialized field you will have to have worked for a while in the industry to be considered an expert. You should also possess up to date knowledge that used currently in the industry of the country you are considering.

Certification and licensing – Each country will have different certifications and licenses that are required to work as a consultant in that industry. Look at contacting a government body for your specific industry and ask them what certifications and licenses are required to work as a consultant.

Work habits – Although you may be used to certain work habits in your country the chances are that work environments in other countries will be very different. To understand more about the work culture in a country, you could visit company websites that are within the same industry as the ones you wish to consult in.

Networking and language – As a consultant, you will have to network and gather as many contacts as possible. Therefore Lyle Charles Consulting recommends, moving to a country that speaks English as this would mean that you will have to face fewer communication barriers.

Short term goals – One of your short-term goals could be to apply to a consulting firm that hires independent consultants that consult on behalf of the firm. For example, construction and turnaround services have now become popular in the construction industry in most developed countries.