Political outcomes are always associated with some degree of uncertainty. Regardless of what the popular polls say, it is impossible to predict what will happen in an upcoming election with 100% certainty. If President Biden decides to pursue reelection in 2024, there are several factors that may affect voters’ decisions.

Current opinion polls are an effective way to get an early picture of voters’ hearts and attitudes towards a particular political candidate or issue. In this political climate, one particular issue stands out as a point of contention for voters on both sides of the political spectrum.

Market research company and survey data collector John Zogby Strategies recently conducted a poll gathering people’s attitudes about the current administration’s use of government intervention. 60% of respondents supported a more strict interpretation of the Constitution, while 21% of respondents preferred more government intervention driven by a looser interpretation of the Constitution. These results are more surprising, given the wide variety of views represented in the company’s poll, including many Democrats

Because of John Zogby Strategies’ usual audience, the opinions expressed in the poll may be a good representation of issues that will affect independent voters’ choices when 2024 comes. The Biden administration may agree or disagree with these opinions, but it must address the concerns and needs of independent voters who find government intervention a source of controversy. Biden can win these voters’ trust by acknowledging these potential voters’ concerns or convincing them why government intervention was necessary for managing the COVID-19 pandemic and other pertinent issues.