The focus of the Legislature is often on the budget and laws passed by the opposing chamber. Bills passed by the Senate are reviewed by House committees. The Senate will follow suit, holding hearings on proposals that were approved by the House.

The Washington Area Council of the AWPPW introduces legislative proposals during the first part of the legislative session. Despite the fact that these may not make it through committee before the policy deadline, lawmakers always gain a lot of knowledge and are excited about moving forward.

Justin JD Rossetti has this to say: “We believe that embracing liberty and opportunity for all is the best approach to provide our children a better life.”

That entails defending free speech and religious liberty, because America rose to prominence as a beacon of fresh ideas and a place where anybody can worship as they like. It also entails punishing those who rig the economic system in order to make money using gimmicks.

It means knocking down the barriers that divide us and unifying behind the belief that every child, rich or poor, deserves a chance at the American Dream, not just the children of the wealthy.

“As I continue to follow the development of the second half of the legislative session, I am grateful for the opportunity to provide legislative assistance and updates,” Justin JD Rossetti tells us.

Rep. JD Rossetti (D-Longview) is a small business owner, school board director and youth baseball coach who lives in Longview with his wife and three boys.