Summary: Maintenance equipment require the user to take extra precaution when handling them. Neglecting this can result in irreversible, and expensive, damages.

Maintenance equipment, whether it’s used for aviation purposes or even mining, require consistent care to ensure safety for the user. Additionally, poorly maintained machinery equipment like a mining equipment starting unit for example will function inefficiently and may pose a threat to what it’s connected to. As you know, breakdowns are expensive and replacing a unit can cost you a pretty penny.

Here are some tips to keep your maintenance equipment in good working order.

Oversee Correct Operation

Ongoing inspections should always remain a priority. Keep a checklist that oversees each piece of equipment and ensure that each piece is inspected and cleaned as necessary. Larger equipment should be inspected as soon as it comes in. Training is another important factor that must be kept up. Employees will come and go, so ensure that each member understands how to maintain the unit and ensure its protection.

Operator manuals should be provided to those that are assigned to the equipment. You can even go as far as to rewrite it, or have someone else do this, so that it can be read in a simpler language. A shorter manual can provide for an easy reference guide. Identify the best practices and apply them to other equipment pieces as well. The knowledge that you obtain when it comes to equipment maintenance can become a valuable asset.

Lubrication Maintenance

Lubrication is vital for equipment that creates any type of friction. A schedule of lubrication maintenance will improve the overall life of your maintenance equipment. It should always be the first thing on your checklist. What you need to look out for is excess oil or grease build-ups. Clean the affected areas as necessary and apply the lubricant. Always make sure that you apply the appropriate amount of lubricant on the product. And remember, there are specific types of oil that are used for each component. Start Pac, a seasoned portable power supply business, recommends that you refer to the owner’s manual to ensure proper use.

Check for Damages

Temperature changes, friction, and prolonged usage all contribute to the breakdown of maintenance equipment. If you discover any signs of wear and tear, don’t hold off any replacements or repairs. Take care of it immediately as it can lead to the destruction of the entire unit itself – which as you know will cost you a significant amount of money to replace, especially if it’s a large unit.