Traveling is an amazing experience that will enrich your life and help you learn skills that you would never have learned elsewhere. However, mishaps can happen when on holiday, that can derail your holiday and leave you feeling disappointed. Here are some travel tips that make for better travels.

Be flexible – There will be times that you will face delays or incidents that will test your patience. Understand that these incidents are normal when traveling and therefore make sure you carry a book, a magazine or your Kindle to keep you occupied.

Make a list – List out items that you will need for your trip. Listing items is a great way to ensure you are prepared for your adventure.

Learn common phrases of the local language – Replying back with a “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” in the local language will go a long way.

Extra camera battery – Not having enough battery power to capture the sights will leave a traveler disappointed. Always carry an extra camera battery so that you don’t miss those perfect shots.

Always bring a sarong and a shawl – Sarongs are great for when you head to the beach or when you run out of clothes and need to use it as a skirt or a dress. A shawl is also a good addition as it can keep you warm, used as a beach towel or as a tropical top.