Written by Heather Richards

Humans can learn a lot from observing animal behavior. In fact, animals are often used as main characters in fairytales and children’s stories for that reason. So it’s not a surprise that Dr. Eric Amidi — a particle physicist and popular Law of Attraction guru – goes to the cheetah to teach a very important life lesson on manifesting our desires.

One of the most frustrating things about having goals is not being able to achieve them. For example, you might have a list of five major goals you want to accomplish. So, how do you manifest these desires in your life? The answer might come as a surprise, but it has to do with focusing on a single goal at a time.

In his blog Cheetahs are Great Teachers, Dr. Eric Amidi reveals that the key to learning how to attain our goals from observing the cheetah is examining its hunting techniques. According to Dr. Amidi, the cheetah selects a single gazelle and uses all of its energy to hunt and capture that one gazelle, even though there might be plenty of other gazelles nearby. The lesson here, according to Dr. Eric Amidi, is that we have to start with just one desire. Instead of scattering our energy to many things at once, select a single desire and focus on it. Does this mean we can’t have several goals in our life at once? No. But he adds that it’s not until you see results in that one area that you should move on to the next.