Divorce is an emotionally challenging ordeal for adults. It can also be traumatizing for children. Watching their parents fight over ownership of property, bank accounts, and other resources is painful. It becomes even harder as children become pawns used in their parent’s power struggle. A child custody attorney  has the goal of helping his clients to have the best outcome during a child custody hearing. The primary goal of the child custody hearing is to best serve the interest of the child or children being discussed. There is a lot at stake during these hearings.

The more complex the case, the more parents should rely on the expertise of their family lawyer. Complex issues could include interstate child custody. Some parents may believe that they are equipped to defend and present their case. However, a parent who is battling for custody without legal representation will find themselves at a disadvantage if the other parent comes equipped with a family lawyer.

A family law attorney should have a good reputation for winning child custody cases. They are experienced at handling complicated child custody cases and are happy to provide references to back up their claims. Family law attorneys zealously represent their clients in court and work toward achieving the best verdict in their client’s favor. They are familiar with the paperwork and red tape that comes with a hearing. They will help their clients navigate through the maze of paperwork while at the same time presenting the best case possible for why their client should have custody of their child.

Bio: Rhiley Khorram is a compassionate family law attorney from Long Beach, Ca.  He practices in Long Beach, CA and surrounding cities.