Create Abundance is a book by Zhang Xinyue sharing wise teachings that demonstrate how we can create abundance in our lives through mind-body-spirit cultivation. Learn to adopt the instructions and apply them to all areas of your life.

Many businessmen and women have adopted meditation as a form of relaxing and focusing on their goals and how to achieve them. Bill George believes that mindfulness is a wonderful tool for leaders to relate to and understand the needs of their employees.

Bill George is both a businessman and management professor he is quoted saying “Leaders who are mindful tend to be more effective in understanding and relating to others, and motivating them toward shared goals.” Bill has practiced self-meditation for over 30 years to help him manage the stresses of his demanding job.

Zhang Xinyue helps you to navigate the trials and tribulations of daily living and offers pearls of wisdom from her book Create Abundance where she reminds you that you have all the abundance you need within you, and do not need to go looking for it.

Here is an excerpt from her book “Abundance results from the mindfulness you have achieved. Remember you don’t need to seek it externally, for you are your wellspring of abundance. With this awareness, your true self will function freely, living peacefully among indefinite possibilities. The moment you shift your attention to your inner being, you will be overwhelmed with joyful abundance.”

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundance wrote this inspirational book in 2012. It has been translated from Chinese into many languages and is an international bestseller. Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue helps to give meaning, and find positive ways to navigate and manage the philosophical issues of life.

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