Article written by The million dollar Portfolio

The desire to become more productive is normal especially if you really like your job. Most people do give this some thought also if they want to make progress with their career and their goals.

Of course, there is plenty of advice when it comes to increasing productivity. Some people suggest that you set up a clear daily routine. Others think that you should think about your body’s timetable.

Yet sometimes, less is indeed more. In other words, if you want to become more productive at work, experts believe that you should focus more on the things that you care about.


This idea, in particular, has been created by Stew Friedman who has concluded that longer hours at the office or even a new work routine won’t bring you satisfaction.

Interestingly, he breaks up the general core values of an individual into four areas: work, home, self and community. Of course, the normal reaction to become more productive cause people to work longer but he suggests otherwise.

After decades of research exploring the relationship between work and other areas of life, he still admits that some people would still opt to work because they truly value it above all.

As for others who struggle to choose work over other things, he insists that they do this all the more as it will make you feel satisfied in all areas of your life. As a result, you performance will improve too.

This idea is based on a study he conducted among 300 professionals. Even though the importance they gave certain areas did not change over a period of four months, there was still a spillover from the satisfaction they derived as soon as they began to focus their efforts. Ultimately, these positive results tend to have a wonderful effect on mind, body and spirit.