Generation Tea offers customers the option of choosing to purchase very high-quality unblended Chinese teas that have been known for their health benefits for many years. Some of the teas include Tibetan tea and loose Pu-erh tea and the aged basket Liu Bao Tea.

Buy Aged Liu Bao tea from Guangxi Province is aged in baskets which is why it is often referred to as basket tea. The older the tea the woodier the flavor and Generation Tea is a reputable and reliable supplier of the best quality tea available online. This is a semi-fermented tea that has an exceptional flavor. To regulate body fat and lower blood pressure Liu Bao tea can be drunk on a regular basis.

Buy Aged Pu-erh Tea which is available in round cakes, rectangular bricks, bird’s nest shapes, or as loose tea. It is available as raw or cooked and comes from the Yunnan region in China. This tea is supplied ready to drink and is conveniently packaged one of the rarest teas is the 1960s Tong Xing Camphor has been expertly preserved and is fifty-five years old.

With so many wonderful benefits and the exotic aroma and flavor of antique teas, many collectors and tea lovers Buy Antique tea. They enjoy being afforded the opportunity of tasting and collecting old established teas and the added value of health benefits that these incredible teas offer such as Oolong and Wulong which are available as loose teas.

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