Article written by Elite Dental Group

Although braces are predominantly worn by preteens or teenagers, dentists are now noticing an increase in adult patients requesting braces. A person’s teeth can be realigned at any age and adult patients have noticed benefits in terms of improved confidence, better oral health, and stronger teeth.

Here are some of the reasons why adults should consider braces.

There are many options – Although traditional metal braces are the norm, adults now have many realignment options. The type of braces available to you will depend on the level of misalignment and your budget.

Enjoy straight teeth – As a person ages, their mouth changes, causing teeth to shift. When teeth shift, it can cause overcrowding or gaps, resulting in pain and discomfort, while being difficult to clean. Often patients over the age of 40, choose braces to reduce oral discomfort and improve oral health.

Gain a confident smile – People with straight teeth are viewed as open, friendly, and attractive. This is mainly because a well-aligned white smile can make a person feel confident which intern makes them smile more often.

Affordable treatment options – Most orthodontic treatments are covered by insurance especially if it needs to be done to prevent decay or to improve the way a person eats or speaks. Additionally, the cost of dental braces can vary with the type of brace needed and the level of correction.

Its short term – Most people will only need to wear braces for 18-26 months while some with minor corrections can get it done in less than 6 months. After a person’s braces are removed, they will need to wear retainers to secure their new smile for 6 months.

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