As the new year closes in on us, you may think that this is a good opportunity to refresh your health and fitness goals. Here are seven tips on how you can achieve your New Year’s health goals.

Find your motivation – Look at listing out what inspires you to lose weight. Your goals could be looking better in your clothes or improving your endurance by running a 5K.

Have a plan – Planning is key to reaching your fitness goals. To start your journey, list out the key areas that will need to be changed to reach your goals. You could look at changing your eating habits, meal prepping your meals or buying an exercise machine.

Make goals – Your goals should be measurable like losing 10kg in 3 months, losing 10 inches off your entire body or eating more vegetables and lean proteins.

Track what you eat – Tracking what you eat, will help you understand where you need to amend you’re eating habits to suit your goals.

Eat breakfast every day – Eating breakfast every day will regulate your blood sugar levels after your last meal. Breakfast will also help you make healthier choices during the day and help you stay full between meals.

Fill up on vegetables – Vegetables are a source of nutrients, water, and fiber.

Exercise – To burn more calories add exercise to your health goals. Start off with just fifteen minutes of high-intensity cardio and then increase the length of your workouts by five minutes a week. Look at a thirty-minute workout per day to keep weight at healthy levels.