Hard working professionals will spend most of their time commuting and the rest of their time at the office. Often professionals will struggle to find time to workout, and this can cause stress and weight gain over the years. Here are some tips that will help even the busiest professionals get fit.

Choose the gym near the office –Choose a gym that is close to your office. Look at a gym with basic cardio and weight equipment and one that is not busy at the times you want to visit.

Make your commute a workout – If you have access to showers at your workplace, you could look at walking, jogging or cycling to work.

Skip lunch – Take your lunch hour at the gym and eat at your desk afterward.

An office workout – If you work in a relaxed office environment, you could do a few squats, push-ups and lunges while you are at work. Look online for 10-minute office workouts for inspiration.

Take the stairs – Avoid taking the lift and take the stairs instead.

Find office workout buddies – If you have a friend at the office who also wants to get into shape, ask them if you can pair up and workout together. Look at a jog, a run after work or enjoy a workout class.

Take a class you enjoy – If you always wanted to try yoga, kick boxing, aerobics or spin, join a class next to your workplace.