Article written by Legalized

There are several life hacks that can save you a lot of money. Sometimes, these are simpler than bending over and picking up a $20 bill.

Heeding a few of these tips will ensure that you pad your bank account. That said, here are 4 life hacks that will save you a lot of money:

livefreakydiefreaky1: Save $200 by Using a Clothesline

Dry your clothes using an old-fashioned clothesline. This will you and your family $200 a year. This is because you won’t need to use the electric dryer. Better still: your clothes will last longer too.

2: Get More Toner From Your Printer

If your printer runs out of ink fast, then change the color to dark blue. You should be able to print a few more times before needing a refill. Avoid printing in popular fonts such as Comic Sans or Times New Roman. Instead opt for the Garamond typeface. This is because this font, in particular, uses less ink.

3: Use Your Hands, Not a Shopping Cart

Sometimes we might want to pick up a few things when visiting the supermarket. Just pick them up with your hands. Avoid using a cart or even a shopping basket. This will force you to carry your own purchases. That way you won’t buy things that you don’t need or intended to buy.

4: Don’t Use Shaving Cream

Instead of shaving cream, use a bar of soap instead. Buy an old-fashioned bristle brush and shave some soap into a mug. You’ll get the cleanest shave you’ve ever had without the shaving cream.