While hacking has always carried a negative connotation to it, a life hack is quite the opposite since it seeks to offer a technique that makes Life simpler.

Over the years, life hacks have gained popularity because it shows you an easier way to do things – in other words, shortcuts that can save you time.

Of course, being able to use one of the life hacks can impress friends, family and whoever might stand to benefit from using it.

Here are 10 life hacks that can prove to be very useful:

1: You can use dental floss so as to cut a cake into evenly shaped pieces.

2: If you use your smartphone as an alarm, then place it in a cup to increase its volume.

livefreakydiefreaky3: Cut open toilet paper rolls and then use them to as cuffs to preserve your wrapping paper while also preventing them from unrolling

4: Use the sticky side of a Post-It note to clean your keyboard. You can run it between the keys to pick up dirt and dust too.

5: If you want to remove a strawberry stem, then poke it with a straw all the way.

6: If you want to remove the eggshell easily after boiling an egg, just add some baking powder during the process of boiling.

7: Put the straw through the tab of the fizzy drink can in order to prevent it from rising out.

8: Add water to a glass when you microwave your pizza so as to prevent the crust from getting too chewy.

9: If you want to find the end of a tape roll, then use a paperclip for this.

10: When drinking coffee, drink a glass of water with it. This will protect your teeth.